The slowest evolution of engineering for any motorcycle in the industry.

An agonizingly slow advancement of technology over the past 110 years leaves Harley in the dust, far behind every other motorcycle made. is a resource for people who want to know more about what makes Harley Davidson the worst motorcycle in production.

Harley Davidson is as old as the airplane... yet look how far aviation has come!

If Harley Davidson made an airplane, would you fly in one?

About the author

I am a motorcycle enthusiast who has owned and ridden many motorcycles including a number of Harley Davidsons. While I acknowledge the positive aspects of Harley Davidson, few people are willing to acknowledge how bad Harley Davidson truly is.

About this site

This is a place for both Harley-Haters and Harley-Lovers to share their opinions. Expect a barrage of arguments from the Harley-Lovers that will entertain us as they defend a shitty product ridden by people who want to fit into a pathetic group of posers.